Davis-Garcia expected at end of the year according to father
badlefthook |  March 10, 2020, 03:20 AM

Ryan Garcia v Francisco Fonseca Photo by Tom Hogan/Golden Boy/Getty Images

Garcia’s father says both fighters will take an interim fight before meeting at the end of the year.

In an interview caught by Fight Hype, Ryan Garcia’s father talks about his son’s plans for the rest of the year and their intentions to square off with Gervonta Davis before the year is out. Check out some excerpts below...

On a prospective fight against Garcia:

“I think the fight between Ryan and Tank is gonna happen in December. It’s gonna happen this year, yeah. This is what we’re already planning. Everybody’s agreed to it, you know. (Davis) said right now he’s gonna go after Leo Santa Cruz or something like that, right, so he’s gonna do that first and we’re gonna go after either Linares or Luke Campbell — we’re gonna go through these other boxers and then we’re gonna meet at the end of the year.”

On why their team is so confident they can beat Gervonta Davis:

“I’ve always told people, and just like Fury, Fury is a boxer. A boxer can always beat a brawler. And Ryan’s got just as much experience as ‘Tank’ Davis. Ryan’s got 225 amateur fights, he’s got a strong pedigree, he’s got 15 national — so there isn’t a style that we don’t know out there. Plus Ryan’s got the height — Ryan’s 5’11”, he’s got speed, he’s got power, he’s got the distance...”

On if he think Davis’ boxing ability is below Garcia’s:

“Yeahhh, everybody does. I’m just saying Ryan, to me, right now he’s a very smart boxer. He’s gonna use that. He’s longer so it’s gonna be hard for Tank — I mean look what he did to Gamboa. Look how long it took him to finish him. Right? That should tell you something.

“Ryan right now, I would say I want him to fight somebody like Tank when he’s 22 years old. You gotta have the man-strength. You gotta have full man-strength and I figure at 22 he’s gonna have full man-strength...so that’s why we’re holding back until the end of the year.”


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