NYSBHoF and Ring 8 to assist boxing personnel with financial help
mvpboxing |  April 03, 2020, 11:10 PM

Peter Frutkoff/Ring 8

With the pandemic hitting fighters hard, the NYSBHoF and Ring 8 are stepping up.

The New York State Boxing Hall of Fame and Ring 8 have announced that they have established a partnership for a COVID-19 fund to assist New York and New Jersey boxing personnel with financial needs during this time.

With the sport shut down across the globe, those in the fight game are absolutely feeling the pinch. Boxers, trainers, cut-men, and any other boxing independent contractors living in New York or New Jersey may apply for assistance.

“Gyms are closed, and boxing has been suspended indefinitely,” NYSBHoF president Bob Duffy said. “Most boxing trainers, cut-men and other boxing personnel are independent contractors, so they do not have any income right now during this pandemic. They have families to support, rent to pay, food to put on the table, and other critical expenses.

“We want to help them by establishing this fund. We’re not in the position to give each applicant a large stipend, but we are able to provide a small payment to temporarily help them a little bit. We’re committed to doing this for the month of April, at the very least, and then we’ll will revisit extending payments until boxing returns, as long as there is money available in this fund. It’s the right thing to do!”

”Ring 8 is furthering our goals to assist boxers and boxing people in New York during this crisis,” Ring 8 president Charlie Norkus Jr said. “It has been our mission since the very beginning. We are pleased to join the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame in this endeavor.”


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