Bellator 172, the Morning After: Sonnen offered to fight Fedor, showboater gets head kicked
mvpboxing |  October 15, 2019, 04:30 PM

What you may have missed from last night

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break. Bellator 172 (full results and highlights here) experienced that last night when Matt Mitrione fell victim to kidney stones just hours before the event, forcing him out of the headliner that could have gained him the Power of Fedor’s Sweater.

And for the inevitable few who always claim that a fighter is scared to fight, Mitrione has a pungent message:

Kidney stones sound like the worst. Apparently they are caused by too many crystal-forming substances (such as calcium), and too little water in your system. Excuse me while I pour myself a glass of water...

Bellator scrambled to try to find a replacement fight, but were unable to put one together in that short a time frame. However, one man did step up and offer up his body as a living sacrifice, a sweet savour to the MMA gods. That man was none other than the American gangster, Chael Sonnen.

Perhaps he wanted to make up for his last, underwhelming performance against Tito Ortiz. Perhaps he is just always down for getting paid, on whatever notice.

Bellator said they would re-book the Fedor-Mitrione fight. But Sonnen’s offer brings up an existential question. At this point in both their careers, would we rather see Fedor, the faded legend who got repeatedly blasted by Fabio Maldonado, against an up-jumped middleweight like Sonnen who crumbles at the first sign of adversity, or a legitimate heavyweight like Matt Mitrione? Frankly, I would rather see the Sonnen fight. I don’t care if Fedor has one last overhand to give. As far as I’m concerned, the Last Emporer retired in 2012. I don’t want to see this sport bloody and batter the man formerly known as Fedor Emelianenko. Give him Sonnen. Save his brain cells. Save his dignity.

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Sometimes you have to find out the hard way you are not Michael “Venom” Page.

Sometimes watching a showboater get knocked out is incredibly gratifying.

When it works, though, it’s spectacular. (see who Michael Page fights next here)

The other stuff you missed

In what ended up being the main event, Patricky Pitbull ended Josh Thomson’s night early with this gorgeous uppercut.

And Josh Koscheck got brutally ended, also by uppercut. Another reminder that this sport devours its old.

Meanwhile, things were getting cold in Halifax- power went out at the UFC-rented hotel. I hope they are okay. With the main event fighters hailing from Hawaii and Houston, you know they aren’t ready for the Novia Scotia winter.

Conor McGregor talked about Floyd Mayweather (among other things) and called him a bitch for not showing his face in Las Vegas. What’s new?

Cody Garbrandt spent his day with the National WheelChair Basketball Association. He seems to draw inspiration from people that have overcome extraordinary obstacles- he did dedicate his belt to young cancer survivor Maddux Maple, who has accompanied him on his walks to the cage since UFC 189.

His trash talk, though, is less inspiring.

GSP’s comeback video is (naturally) awesome. Who will he face in his return?

Petrosyan is a smooth operator.

Nunes, the first openly gay UFC champion, now has matching tattoos with her partner, UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff. You could say things are getting pretty serious.

I’m not sure if anyone, including Ferguson himself, knows quite why he does the things he does. Perhaps all the reason he needs is being “El Cucuy”.

Enjoy your Sunday, Maniacs! Don’t forget to watch UFC: Halifax later today. Your truly will be recapping the fights right here on MMA Mania, and you can catch the live play-by-play and results here.


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