Boxing Training: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Boxing Training by Manny Masson | MVP Boxing
mvpboxing  |   March 28, 2018, 07:55PM

Description of Boxing Training

Learning the art of boxing under the expert supervision of Manny Masson, one of the most respected boxing instructors in the world, he employs a fast track system to improving your boxing skills, whether you are learning boxing to compete, for self-defense purposes or as a form of cross fitness training. The skills taught, professionalism, dedication and commitment are consistent throughout his training program.

The teaching methods employed are easy to understand, thus enabling for the proper execution of technique which subsequently improves effectiveness, efficiency and prevents injury during training and competition. The adequate boxing workouts and exercises will not only improve your fighting ability, but they will also improve cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary, physical and mental conditioning. Our proven system emphasizes fundamentals coupled with the integration of offensive and defensive skills which are often neglected in boxing training. The student is guided through supervised sparring sessions by Manny in order to facilitate fast progression

Basic 1 on 1 Boxing Training
  •  Fundamentals
  •  Proper Warm up
  •  Hand Wrapping
  •  Boxing Stance
  •  Proper Punching Technique
  •  Basic Combinations
  •  Basic Defense
  •  Balance
  •  Stepping with Punches
  •  Movement and Rhythm
  •  Jumping Rope
  •  Basic abdominal training
  •  Stretching
Intermediate Boxing Training
  •  Integration of Punching Combinations and defense as a single unit with focus mitts.
  •  Shadow boxing
  •  Ring Generalship Techniques
  •  Blocking/ Parrying Punches
  •  Footwork
  •  Multiple Punching Combinations
  •  Slipping Punches
  •  Head Movement
  •  Punching Drills and Combinations
  •  Head Movement
  •  Speed Bag
  •  Feinting/ Faking
  •  Double End Bag
  •  Heavy Bag Professional Drills
  •  Power Punch Techniques
  •  Medicine Ball Training
  •  Thera Band Exercises
  •  Non-contact Sparring Drills

All of the above referenced training drills are employed to enable a fighter to adapt & adjust to any fight situation.

Advanced Boxing Training and Fitness
  •  Integrate fitness and cardio training with boxing related movement (punch combinations/ defense)
  •  Anaerobic Cardio Training
  •  Multiple Punch Combinations
  •  Pull Counter Drills
  •  Punching on the Move
  •  Countering on the Move
  •  Advanced Punching Techniques and Combinations
  •  Resistance Tubing, Dumbbells, Weights and Thera Band for prevention of injury and for speed and power
  •  Professional Shadow Boxing
  •  Advanced Jump Roping Skills and Drills
  •  Abs Workout
  •  Lower Back Workout
  •  Medicine Ball Exercises
  •  Kettlebell Exercies
  •  Physio Ball Exercises
  •  Half Moon Ball
  •  Performance Stretching
  •  Agility Training

Group Boxing and Semi Private Training also is Available!