How long will it take me to become reasonably proficient?
The time it takes to become proficient depends on your level of commitment and physical and mental. You should feel that you could defend yourself fairly well after six months.
How many classes per week should I attend?
Short answer:  The more, the better.  The more time you have to train, the better you will become.  That applies not only to boxing, but to anything.  Make the decision about the number of days based on your interest level, time availability and budget.
Will boxing and BJJ training make my child too aggressive?
At this gym, children learn that Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA and Judo are not an act of violence, but an art of how to protect oneself in a problematic and realistic situation. Aggression should be channeled into assertiveness to increase a child's self esteem and build discipline and character.
Is sparring necessary to learn boxing and BJJ?
Since boxing, BJJ and Muay Thai involves dealing with an opponent or several opponents  it is necessary to practice in conditions similar to an actual confrontation in order for this type of combat training to carry over to a realistic situation. In this way you learn about reactions, timing, anticipation, reflexes, develop instincts and speed.  There are different intensities of sparring and you can choose to what level you wish to take it.
What are the chances of getting injured?
There is a chance of getting injured in any sport, activity and in everyday life.  The training is designed specifically with an emphasis on safety and prevention of injury. Our philosophy is that if you are injured you cannot train and that defeats the whole purpose of our program. By following a professionally designed program with an emphasis on incremental progression, the probability of injury is minimized.
Should I take group or private lessons?
Private lessons will increase your progression two to three times faster than by taking group lessons alone. The personalized attention and energy of an instructor is a tremendous advantage. Group lessons are good because it allows you to see how different people react to situations and techniques. You also get to meet new people and friends. The best of both worlds is a program that lets you have both group and private lessons.
What's the Appropriate Dress Code?
What if I miss a class & a private lesson?
Because of scheduling and time limitations months cannot be extended to account for repeatedly missed classes, nor can missed classes be deducted from your monthly rate. For vacations, holidays or other special circumstances, scheduling arrangements must be made with your coach prior to missing your classes.